Newsela + LEARN

Newsela and RESC PD Day for Connecticut Educators on November 3, 2020!


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Newsela offerings to CT RESC districts now available - click here to learn more!
      Newsela is an instructional content platform that supercharges reading engagement and learning through relevant leveled texts and numerous interactive features, including Lesson Sparks, Annotation, and Write Prompts.       Newsela and LEARN have partnered to bring you this amazing text resource and to support your implementation of Newsela’s features throughout the school-year through numerous professional learning opportunities.  Stay tuned for new session dates.

Newsela for LEARN magnet schools
LEARN has purchased Newsela PRO licenses for your schools from 04/15/19 through 06/30/20.  Your schools will have access to the following for this duration of time:

  • CTRA - Newsela PRO licensing
  • DL&AMMS - Newsela PRO licensing and Middle Schools Social Studies Collection (includes Ancient Civilizations, World History, and US History)
  • LEARNing Academy at Ocean Avenue - Newsela PRO licensing and Social-Emotional Learning Collection
  • RMMS - Newsela PRO licensing
  • RMS-GC - Newsela PRO licensing
  • TRMC - Newsela PRO licensing (for Grade 11 students)