Administrative Services

Kate Ericson, LEARN Executive Director
Kate Ericson, Executive

Through research and membership in various state and national organizations, staff in the Administrative office (including the Executive Director's office, the Personnel/HR Department and Business Office), are constantly monitoring changes in laws and regulations that impact our agency as well as our member school districts. Several major legislative changes have had an impact on our accounting services including payroll and on our benefit package. These include changes to our Tax Sheltered Annuity (403b) plan, taxability of health insurance coverage to non-qualified children of employees, continuation of benefits (COBRA) insurance and tax withholdings. Staff are also keenly aware of the current economic situation of our districts, state and nation and continually review processes to ensure efficiencies within the department as well as the organization.

For more information about Administrative Services please contact Michael Marchewka at [email protected] or (860)434-4800 ext. 135.

To contact Kate Ericson, Executive Director at LEARN please email her at [email protected] or call LEARN at (860) 434-4800 ext. 186.