Catalog of Services

Human Resources (HR)


Employee Handbook Review


An employee handbook is a comprehensive document that services as a guide for employees about the policies, procedures, and expectations of an organization. LEARN’s Human Resources staff will review your handbook to ensure a well-crafted product that promotes consistency, transparency, and compliance, while also fostering a positive work environment.

Employee Training & Assessment

Employee training and assessment are crucial components of an organization’s human resources strategy. They aim to equip employees with the necessary knowledge, skills, and abilities to perform their job effectively and ensure continuous improvement in their performance. LEARN’s Human Resources staff are available to design structured learning opportunities, including orientation and compliance training. We are also available to build employee assessments that provide valuable insights into individual and team performance. Assessments may include performance reviews, goal tracking, and competency assessment.



In the State of Connecticut, fingerprinting is required for various purposes, including background checks for employment. LEARN’s Human Resources staff offers electronic fingerprinting services to expedite the hiring of school district personnel. These services are available to Local Education Agencies and their job applicants in compliance with State of Connecticut law.

Job Description Reviews

Job description reviews are an essential aspect of Human Resources and Organizational Management. Reviews involve the evaluation, analysis, and updating of job descriptions throughout an organization. LEARN’s Human Resources staff will review your materials to verify whether the job duties; responsibilities; qualifications; and reporting relationship accurately reflect the current state of the role. Our team will look for alignment with organizational objectives; compliance with employment laws; performance metrics; integration into Human Resources processes; and review schedule. Through these job description reviews, organizations can enhance their practices, support employee development, and ensure that all employees understand their roles and responsibilities.

Paraeducator Assessment Testing

Paraeducator Assessment Testing is a standardized evaluation designed to measure the knowledge and skill of individuals seeking employment as paraeducators. LEARN’ Human Resources staff offers the test weekly at our central office building in Old Lyme. Please call in advance about an appointment.

I-9 Form Review & Processes


The I-9 form is a critical document used for verifying the identity and employment eligibility of individuals hired to work. It is a requirement under the Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986. Both employers and employees have specific responsibilities related to the completion and retention of the I-9 form. LEARN’s Human Resources staff will help increase your understanding of the requirements associated with the I-9 form and ensure proper completion and retention to remain in compliance with federal immigration laws.

Human Resources (HR) Consulting


LEARN’s Human Resources staff provide advice, guidance, and support to organizations on various human resources-related matters. The scope of consulting services is determined by the needs of the requesting organization. Services may include Human Resources strategy and planning; recruitment and talent acquisition; employee onboarding and orientation; performance management; training and development; employee engagement and retention; compliance; and employee relations and conflict resolution.