Section Descriptions


Overall, General Descriptor

Administrative Operations

Kate Ericson, Executive Director

[email protected]

LEARN provides cost-effective, customized organizational and operational services so you can maximize your own resources and efforts. Contact us for a collaborative solution to your school operations challenges.

Business Supports

Michael Belden, Chief Financial Officer

[email protected]

LEARN's professional team assists in modernizing district operations to maximize efficiency. Business services are designed to reduce costs, minimize the need for additional staff, and help you meet deadlines. Contact us for an assessment of your business operations or to fill a short-term staffing need.

Human Resources

Dr. Ryan Donlon, Associate Executive Director

[email protected]

LEARN's Human Resources Team knows that employees are your most important asset. How can you protect your district and keep your high-performing employees? We can help. From an overall Human Resources check-up to employee retention processes to compliance practices to performance management retention, we will help you achieve your desired results. Contact us.

Information Technology

Lance Hagen, Director

[email protected]

LEARN ensures the effective use of technology that leads to improved district operations and enhanced student learning. Contact us to plan for, implement, and maintain technology systems.

Student Support Services

Bridgette Gordon-Hickey, Deputy Executive Director

[email protected]

LEARN's Student Support Services team works with parents, students, school districts, individual schools, and communities to ensure each student has what they need to succeed. We offer an array of programs and services across the educational continuum from early childhood through age 22. Contact us to find out about our options and opportunities for students with differences and unique needs.

Teaching and Learning

Dr. Linda T. Darcy, Director

[email protected]

Each LEARN service is designed with consideration for the specific culture, goals, and needs of the educational program, school, or district. Learning is intended for educators who are interested in improving their craft by tapping into researched data and current best practices adapted for educational audiences. We consider it a privilege to support those who have a direct impact on student success. Contact us.